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Celebration of Life

Whether you or your loved one is planning for cremation or burial, at Brewer and Sons Funeral Homes the opportunity for personalizing a funeral or memorial service makes it possible to truly celebrate the life of your loved one.

Formal or informal, ritualistic or religious, a funeral or celebration of life service provides a sense of closure to family and friends. Many of these elements can be personalized. A casket or urn is traditionally present during this service.

Gathering in Memory (viewing or wake)

Prior to celebrating your loved one’s life, gathering in memory of their life lived – also called a wake or viewing – gives friends and family an opportunity to share their memories with each other and offer condolences. As with a funeral, traditionally a casket or urn is present. You may request that the casket be opened or closed, should one be present.

Tribute Service/Memorial

Similar to a Celebration of Life Service or Gathering in Memory, a Tribute Service is a time for family and friends to come together in memory and celebration of life. A casket or urn is not usually present during this service.

Graveside Service

This service can occur after, or in place of, a Celebration of Life service. Held at the grave site prior to burial of the casket or urn, this service offers another opportunity to share memories and say final goodbyes.

Burial Options

If burial is your choice, you have many choices at Brewer and Sons Funeral Home. Our experienced staff will work with you and guide you as you select the products that are right for you or your loved one. Brewer and Sons Funeral Homes has packaged services in place to help you create a meaningful celebration and personal tribute for your loved one, while at the same time, simplifying your choices.

There is only ONE difference between Caskets; They either DECAY or Do Not DECAY:

  • DECAYING caskets are made of 18ga metals, 20ga metals or soft woods.
  • NON-DECAYING Caskets are made of Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel or Hard Woods such as Mahogany and Cherry.

Services Included With Each Package:

  • The service of our professional staff
  • Necessary service vehicle(s)
  • Processing and filing of all necessary certificates, permits and authorizations
  • Preparation and careful handling of the deceased
  • Graveside service, church or chapel
  • Allowance of floral arrangements and decoration
  • Allowance of catering and reception

Our Heritage Collection

The Heritage Celebration – Bronze

Bronze, a semi-precious material is an alloy of copper, zinc, and tin. It is the strongest and most enduring of any casket construction material.

Bronze is resistant to corrosive elements, an important consideration in selecting a casket. Bronze caskets are available in a hand brushed finish or painted finish. Bronze makes an elegant, exquisite remembrance.

The Heritage Celebration – Copper

Copper is considered a precious metal and evidence of its longevity rests in the original copper roofs and pipes existing on the world’s great architectural gems.

It is resistant to corrosion. Copper is one third stronger than stainless steel and available in a 32 ounce weight. Finishes are hand brushed or painted and applied by skilled artisans. This natural and precious metal expresses a remarkable life.

The Heritage Celebration – Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an alloy metal. It’s strength and longevity derive from additions of chromium and nickel to carbon steel. The chromium protects against rust and oxidation.

Stainless steel is 8.3 times longer lasting than 16 gauge carbon steel. Aurora applies hand brushed or painted finished to its stainless steel caskets. Skilled painters apply each coat by hand, then reheat top coat, letting it harden into a smooth as glass finish.

The Heritage Celebration – 18 ga. & 20 ga.

The long lasting nature of metal coupled with affordability and performance makes steel caskets one of the most popular. Strength, reliability, pricing, and beauty all translate into the obvious value of steel caskets. Steel caskets are available in 18 gauge thickness and 20 gauge thickness.

A Tribute (Economy) 18 ga. & 20 ga.

Strength, reliability, pricing, and beauty all translate into the obvious value of these caskets. “Economy” caskets are available in 18 gauge thickness and 20 gauge thickness.

A Provident Standard (Graveside)

Strength, reliability, pricing, and beauty all translate into the obvious value of these caskets. “Economy” caskets are available in 18 gauge thickness and 20 gauge thickness.

Taking Care of Our Own – Traditional Burial “NO CHARGE”

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